Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anniversary Date Night- $ Does Not Buy Happiness

I hate to say I'm a "cheap date" because those words just sound wrong, but in actuality, I guess I am!

There was a time in our lives, before kids, where we would fly to San Francisco for our anniversary or plan some elaborate get-away.  Those were the days of two incomes, a lot of time, and not a whole lot on the calendar.  Now just getting away for a couple hours is a rarity, but a HUGE blessing!

I love our home life just the way it is and wouldn't change a thing!  We're so blessed by our kids and the memories we're creating together.

For our anniversary this year we decided to head to Disneyland sans children and just wander around with no plans. Prior to heading out we ordered teriyaki chicken for the kids and ended up nibbling on it along with them.  After eating we headed to California Adventure.  It was a chilly SoCal night!

California Adventure has a TRON 3D experience we had not yet seen.  It's a 3D movie trailer.  After watching it I realized I remembered very little about the TRON movie.  I wonder if I fell asleep while watching?  Give me a bucket of popcorn, a cozy chair in the dark, and two hours and I'll probably fall asleep.  Guess I slept through some of it.

This is the entrance to the Hollywood Backlot and Electronica.

Next we headed over to FLYNN'S.  It's a video arcade filled with video games of the 80's.  Here you'll find 40-somethings reliving the glory days of videoing while "Juke Box Hero" plays in the background.  I did hear a song I hadn't heard since the New Wave days of the 80's.  This is the mostly English version.  It brings back memories and shows the wackiness of the early 80's.

My date exchanged a whopping $5 for video coins and we went to town!  It's amazing how long $5 lasts when only two people are playing!  We tried a number of games, but trying to find my Donkey Kong Junior skills proved to be just too hard. My sweetheart excels at Galaga.  He's so cool!  Centipede is my game.  I hogged most of the coins for my favorite.  My sweetheart just let me play.  He's so good to me!

He takes this very seriously!

I was really bad at this game!

See my score?  I almost got to post my initials!


He's really good at this one!

Tap-tap-tap...I wish you could see the instantaneous firing!  It really was impressive!

After Flynn's we headed out to Downtown Disney where I asked my sweetheart to treat me to a dessert of Bread Pudding (totally not paleo) from Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen.  We cozied up to a little table and shared our dessert together.

Happy Anniversary to us!  This year was one of our best anniversaries yet!  I think we just may be discovering contentment.  It's not about having the fanciest or most elaborate celebrations.  It's about being together, having family, and making memories.

We came home to a house that was immaculately cleaned by three smiling children.  They're so good to us!  I couldn't ask for more!

And we only spent $10.50!!

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