Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Making History: Guinness Book of World Records

As a child I remember spending countless hours laying on the living room floor looking at the crazy photos of the World Record holders featured in The Guinness Book of World Records.  Who could forget images like these:

The long-time world record holder for nails:

The world's tallest and shortest man meet:

World Record Holding Heaviest Twins

I could continue to look up these interesting and sometimes mind-boggling world record holders, but for today we want to celebrate the fact that yesterday (11/8/2011) we participated in a world record holding event!  Thankfully, I did not have to grow freakish nails for the last 30 years, or gain an obscene amount of weight, or attempt an obscure feat.  All we had to do was what we love...go on a field trip, spend time together and learn about HISTORY!

We were part of what we hope was the world's largest history lesson.  It is estimated that 20,000 third graders attended!

It was a well-planned hour of Orange County history.  The event was complete with entertainment, audience participation celebrity appearances and leaders in the community including:

Caroline Sunshine from Disney's "Shake it Up"
Stan Oftelie, author of Nothing Rhymes With Orange
Gail Eastman, Anaheim Councilwoman and historian
Bill Habermehl, Superintendent of Public Schools
Jose Mota, former baseball player announcer for the Anaheim Angels
Ambassador Gaddi Vasquez, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture and former head of the Peace Corps
And what Orange County event would be complete without a visit from long time resident, MICKEY MOUSE!

One of the interactive question games

Caroline Sunshine

Stan Oftelie and Gail Eastman

Gaddi Vasquez

Jose Mota

Bill Habermehl and Mickey!

The Guests

In addition to the dancing, guest speakers, and interactive learning the students were able to see a comparison of Orange County growth using doves.  One dove represented Orange County's earlier population of 13,000 people.  The many doves represent the O.C.'s current population of over 3 million!

The doves flying away

At the end of the program a helicopter was flying over.  Suddenly it came closer and closer!  It landed on Angel field!  We all anxiously waited to see who was inside.

The helicopter held a representative (complete with English accent) from Guinness Book of World Records.  He was certifying the event as a new world record.

Attending students received a tote bag with a copy of Nothing Rhymes with Orange by Stan Oftelie.  Our kids immediately opened the book to read it following the event and continued to share tidbits throughout the day.

Our 3rd grader with a friend

The volunteers

Tote bags in hand...CLASS!

The Krispy Kreme outing that followed the field trip.  Fresh chocolate donuts!

Here's the news article from the OC Register:

What a GREAT morning of learning the history of Orange County!

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