Thursday, December 02, 2010

Too Cheap to Buy, so we BAKE!

Today we went to Starbuck's to take advantage of a holiday special- buy one pound of Christmas blend coffee, get the 2nd for free.  GREAT DEAL for Coffee Girlie!  (Note, they're having 12 Days of Christmas specials daily.  This could be a perfect time for some Christmas shopping for a coffee lover or just gifts for oneself.  I'm guilty of the latter).

Just about every time we go Starbuck's, my daughter, with drool hanging from her lips, eyes the lemon pound cake.  My response every time is..."I'm not going to buy that.  We can make it at home."  I can be such an ogre sometimes, or maybe I'm just REALLY cheap.  I just find it very hard to spend $2 on a slice of pound cake when we have all the ingredients and the know how at home to bake it ourselves.

So today after errands, sports practices, and dinner, my girlie and I set out to bake Lemon Lemon Loaf from one of my recent cookbook purchases BAKED.  It looked super yummy in the photo and had lots of eggs, butter and sour cream.  I think this treat might be dangerously good, but did I mention I'm supposed to stay away from gluten and sugar.  Bummer!  That's a whole other blog.
Anyway, the Lemon Lemon Loaf turned out beautiful.  Ours was more like a Lemon Orange Loaf since we didn't have lemons and had to use the zest of oranges instead.  The recipe made two loaves, so we're set for a special holiday snack with a yummy cup of warmed eggnog.  My girlie was happy with the baking and the finished product.  Everyone was able to enjoy a slice (I even tried a bite).  I think I saved at least $10 baking at home.  Maybe my savings will make up for the extra purchases.

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