Thursday, December 02, 2010

On Blogging

If I had my way, and an unlimited amount of time in each day, I'd wake each morning, read while enjoying a GREAT cup (or three) of coffee, work out, prepare FABULOUS homeschooling experiences for our kids, cook a delicious dinner that would make my husband exclaim, "Honey, You're the best cook in the west!", list many items on ebay and blog daily.  In a perfect world that is.

Just about every day I think, "I'd like to blog this...,"  but don't do it.

Yesterday I was reading The Pioneer Woman's blog and one of her recommendations on blogging is to blog often.  "Often" is one paragraph, one photo or a whole commentary.  Just do it often. 

Blog on!

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Angela Robinson said...

I'm afraid if I blog too much, nobody will want to read it. I don't think I'm that interesting. Everyday bloggers tend to stress me out because I feel obligated to stay caught up and often stop reading the blog all together. But I do the same thing if the blog post is way too long. Such a quandry :). I don't even try and keep up with Ree because she's not my friend so I think "why do I need to know that much about her. I need to finish the laundry." I'll read all of yours though because you are my friend and I want to know about you!!