Friday, November 06, 2009

Colonial Study

We've been studying the Colonial Times this fall. It's been great fun reading about life from the Pilgrims Landing through the Revolutionary War. The last couple of days we've made apple pies, spiced acorn squash, homemade donuts, and today we made candles.

All the activities are great fun, but we do tend to make big messes.

Yesterday while making the apple pies we were all covered with flour, but it was so fun!
While making the donuts, the tongs slipped out of my hand splashing oil all over my arm. Ouch! But the donuts were SUPER yummy!

Today while making the squash, we ended up having many squash seeds all over the floor, but that's an easy pick up.

And when making the candles, I accidentally spilled wax on the cooktop. That's a CHORE to clean up! But like our little middle son reassured me..."But Mom, it was SO FUN!"

So despite the messes, the burns, the huge clean ups, I wouldn't miss these opportunities to create, make and experience life with these littles.

Waiting for the wax to melt...

The Candles...

Cleaning out the Acorn Squash

Cleaning out the squash

All good projects are better when wearing your beautiful braided LONG hair...

Rolling out the Pie Crusts

The Apple Pie


The burns

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