Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 Things I've Learned Living in the O.C.

I'm not sure I have 10 things yet, but I'm working on them. I'll share them as they formulate in my mind.
#1- When living in the O.C., don't bring dessert to a party. No one will eat it.
My sweetheart made a beautiful Tiramisu recently and we brought it to a party and the hosts said no one would probably eat it. What?? Not even try homemade Tiramisu?? Is that politically correct?
I've been thinking on this for a couple weeks. No desserts?? When you make homemade cookies, kids ask mom "Can I have one??" And many times they turn it down. Very Interesting...
When we moved down here we realized there is a higher level of healthy living than we've ever experienced before.
I think overall people in O.C. choose carefully where they're going to spend their calories. If they're going to have a holiday cocktail, they're definitely not going for the dessert.
According to the Calorie King one piece of Tiramisu will cost you about 602 calories. Wow!! Didn't realize that one!
So...when your living in the O.C., bring a bottle of red wine to your guests. Leave the desserts at home or make them for your friends in other parts of the U.S. where they'll be consumed and appreciated.

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