Saturday, August 15, 2009

Skater Boy Takes the Crown

Our middle son just completed a week long skateboard camp. He was ALL smiles everyday...even after 3 hours of activity! Everyday we'd tape up his road rash, and open wounds, he'd put on the pads and head out to learn more tricks. When we'd pick him up he'd remove his helmet hiding sweaty hair and tell us of his experiences. He loved his t-shirt given to him at the beginning of the week by the camp instructor. He wore it everyday even though I begged him to let me wash it. No go!

At the end of the week he was awarded 1st place in the competition for his group. He earned another new t-shirt! Whew! A change of clothing!
He's already asked if he can attend the afterschool camps that are offered throughout the year.

It's great to see your kids find something that they're so excited about.

It was a fun week for all!

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