Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brrrr... It's Cold In Here!

My sweetheart returned home from southern California yesterday. He came home to MANY inches of snow and our own Winter Wonderland. It really is beautiful.
Home life when he was gone went very smoothly. The kids and I baked cookies, played in the snow, watched movies, cleaned out the house and just enjoyed being home. There were no troubling matters to speak of.
But then we woke up today...Normally in the morning the house is a little cold because we turn down the heat a bit in the middle of the night. But today was like Artic chill. I threw on my trusty fleece and ran downstairs to check the thermostat. I looked in amazement, or maybe panic, as I saw it read 51 degrees! No wonder we were so cold. DH thought it was because he wasn't acclimated to our area, but we're pretty sure there's something much more serious going on.
After examining the furnace in the frigid garage we know there's something not right with it. We've called the furnace repair man and we're trying to heat the house with some space heaters and our gas fireplace.
I'm grateful this happened today and not yesterday. My sweetheart is here to take care of things.

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