Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ahhh...A Warm Morning Welcome

After a long day of waiting for a repairman to return our call we finally made a connection with the second company we called. We heard the first company had over 140 calls and we were number 40-and we called at 7:30am. I can't imagine what happened to the 100 people after us. I'm sure they're shivering.
It was so great to wake up to a warm house. You don't know what you appreciate until you don't have it (which has caused me great thought about what I'm truly thankful for).
I'm sure you're all just wringing your hands wondering what was wrong with our furnace. It turns out the air intake was clogged. With what you ask? Snow! Who would have thought?
There's supposed to be another round of snow coming and hopefully it will blow the right direction, which would be not in the air intake.
To a warm cozy house!

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