Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ringing in the New Year CrossFit Style

8am, January 1, 2012.

Is there any better way to ring in the new year than with a group of fellow CrossFitters doing a crazy WOD (workout of the day) just because?

I admit I had my reservations.  I DON'T LIKE TO BE COLD!  Being cold has adverse effects on my body.  The thought of jumping in an unheated, COLD pool in January didn't sound appealing; more importantly it didn't sound like fun.  BUT, jumping in a freezing pool with friends who are in it with you; laughing at our own misery...well, that sounds like fun and more importantly good memories were made.

We did it!


Mr. New Year and My Man...with the 'fro

I don't think I can think of anything better to do on a foggy, chilly, SoCal morning than gathering with 20+ friends, jumping into a FREEZING pool, running two laps of the pool, then heading out onto a cold 400 meter road run, then completing thrusters and ball slams followed up by hitting the cold cement with burpees.

The Polar Dip


My Man in His Cape!

The Run

My Superman

My New Year!

The Prom Queen a.k.a Event Coordinator

Wonder CrossFit Fonda Woman and McEnroe

The Convict and His Neon 80's Girl

The Weights

My Man, Event Coordinator and Fellow CrossFitter

I think a video is in the works...

What a GREAT way to begin 2012!

Thank you fellow CrossFitters for a fun morning full of laughs and a fabulous WOD!

Happy New Year!

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