Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action! Sportsmanship Award Night Out!

"Hello, Rock Star!  Welcome to Disney 365!"

Last night was a big night in our little girlie's life!  Along with the 8 girls from her soccer team, she was treated to hair, make-up and dinner on the town (Disney Downtown) compliments of AYSO and Disney.


In November she entered a Cars 2 Sportmanship essay contest sponsored by AYSO and Disney. In one hundred words or less she had to write what sportsmanship meant to her.

Here's her essay:


By Ari

In soccer there’s always going to be a winner and a loser but good sportsmanship helps every player have a great time. This year our team used dance to bring other teams together. We did a dance called the “Cupid Shuffle.” After games, we’d ask the other team over and dance together. It was a great time to celebrate and have fun! While dancing we forgot who won or lost and just enjoyed the moment laughing. While walking off the field the girls always left smiling. That’s what having good sportsmanship is all about. 


On December 2nd AYSO was going to announce the winner.  To be completely honest, I had forgotten about the essay.  No one I know actually wins, right?

That morning, my girlie walked downstairs so excited!  The winner was to be announced.

I hate being the downer, but I really didn't' think there'd be any chance of winning.

My girlie is the eternal optimist and she knew!

That evening I received an email announcing her WIN!!!

I really should be more optimistic!

During December and January I was in contact with Disney and AYSO planning and discussing prize delivery.

I must say it is very cool receiving a phone call, "Kimberly, this is Adam from DISNEY STUDIOS."


Or, "Kimberly, this is ____ from AYSO National Offices."

Love it!

The prizes were Cars 2 themed and wonderful!  The girls received:

A Cars 2 Poster- The kind you see hanging in the movie theater

A Cars 2 Memory Game

Cars 2 Sportsmanship Trophies with their team name

AND...Cars 2 Blu-Ray Disc Packs.  These are the DELUXE versions with every version of Cars 2 you can imagine and copy to your computer.

AND a $500 gift card for a party/celebration to be used where ever we chose.

Since we're close to Downtown Disney, we figured it would be great to live it up at the magical Downtown Destination!

The girls all received Disney 365 Make-overs and a full meal at ESPN Zone.

Choosing Colors

The Beauty Begins

"Hey, Rock Star!"

She loves this!

"You are getting sleepy!"

The Reveal

The Back

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

The first group...done!
After the make-over the girls each get a bag of goodies, make-up, combs, beauty supplies, etc.

At ESPN Zone

The Parents

My Sweeties...  My girlie worked on her make-up more through dinner

Games at ESPN Zone

Take a Bow

Love her!!

My girlie!

I'm so happy for the girls and this opportunity they had.  A huge thank you to Disney, AYSO, our team coaches and team mom, and to ARI for jumping at the opportunity to write an essay and being so optimistic about winning!


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