Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Great Cleaning Idea Embarrasses

Finding a GREAT idea and keeping it on your desktop for future reference is a handy way to grab it when you're ready to use it.  I've found fabulous ideas on Pinterest that I can't wait to try!

But sometimes these ideas are great for moms who do laundry, but not so great to display to strangers I don't know.

Yesterday I went to my first "find out how to use your computer" session and "Ralph" asked me to turn on the computer to get started.  The next thing that happened was "the page" popped up.

Now, to many of you, this would have been no big deal.  I know it would be no big deal to my mom or my husband, but it was completely embarrassing to me.

Another moment of realness on the blog-o-sphere.

HI, my name is Kimberly and I'm perpetually embarrassed.  Normal  everyday life occurrences embarrass me.  I can't even begin to mention the ways humiliation enters everyday life;  it's probably on a stratospheric scale.  Even when I tell myself, "It's no big deal."  I get embarrassed- like sweaty, heart-pumping embarrassment.

I really believe most of life's little imperfections are rooted in a few big categories of human frailty.

Embarrassment= Insecurity

Insecurity permeates many facets of everyday life.  It's really annoying and I wish I could just shrug it off with a laissez-faire attitude, but I don't roll that way. Bummer!

My hub and I were watching "Selling L.A." the other night and I was watching the L.A. Chic gals thinking how stylish and sophisticated they were.  Their inner geek didn't spring out unexpectedly like mine does so often.  Even in a moment of trying to pull off having it together, something will appeal to my wacky sense of humor, laughter will ensue and perhaps a snort will escape.  A total give-away that I'm a goofy girlie!

Back to Ralph.  I was trying to play it cool and act like no big deal that a page entitled "Goodbye to Yellow Armpit Stains" just popped up on my computer. Embarrassing!  I'm sure he wanted to know too, but wanted to be professional.  It's not like it's a big deal to most people, but normal bodily function stuff happens to embarrass me.  C'est la vie!

So, in my attempt to face my insecurities head on, I'm going to post this page.  I think it's great information for a cleaning lady like myself and I'm hoping it will help with the stains on my boys' baseball pants too.

Thank you Jillie for posting this entry.  Sensitive cleaning mommas need to know.

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OSUZIEQ1 said...

It's true that peroxide can clean a lot. I've used it both at home and work.