Friday, September 14, 2007

Cooking Kids

As part of assignments, the kids have been busy in the kitchen. Yesterday they made wonderful Banana Muffins. They were a great hit! The recipe was in one of the recent Family Fun Magazines. The kids enjoyed them so much I think they'll be trying another recipe very soon.

We also finished up our study on Monks. The boys made a lentil soup similar to what the monks would have eaten daily. We also had bread with it. We learned that monks would have bread often, but only on special holidays like Christmas would they be able to enjoy it topped with butter. That was hard for the kids to imagine.

We also learned that in order to be a monk one had to give up all worldly treasures. The one thing they did have and treasure was a small wooden cross. The kids and I discussed giving up worldly treasures. All agreed it would be hard for us to give up everything and live that life of simplicity.

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