Saturday, May 26, 2007

Daughters of the King

During spring quarter at our co-op I taught a class called Princess: Daughter Of The King. I had a wonderful group of precious girls in the class. The theme of the class focused on the fact that God is the King and as his daughters we are Princesses. Knowing this, we should act like the Princesses we are.

We looked at the Bible for verses that told of our royalty. We read books like I'd Be Your Princess by Kathryn O'Brien, The Way Home Princess by Max Lucado, The Princess and the Pea, Princess A Glittering Guide For Young Ladies, His Little Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd, and a princess book by Beth Moore.
We learned about Godly character, etiquette, and we learned some beading techniques. We made a chipboard scrapbook to chronicle our lessons. We discussed adornments and the girls each made a beaded necklace. One highlight of our class was a field trip to a local tea room. At our tea party the girls had a wonderful opportunity to practice the etiquette we learned in class, but mostly we had a wonderful time enjoying each other's company.

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