Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy 40th Birthday

We just celebrated my 40th birthday. I'm still finding it hard to believe I'm already 40. I remember when my parents were 40 and I thought that was SO old. But when they were 40 I was heading off to college. Maybe this feeling of youth that I have is a result of having young children at home. I think they keep me feeling young at heart.

This year I decided to do more than have quiet time running around a local lake or on a trail. I wanted a PARTY! So my husband, mom, some precious friends, and I planned a get-together I will always remember. We were blessed with sunshine and an abundance of friends. Someone told me they counted around 90 some people, 2/3 of which were probably kids. We had badmintion, bocce ball, horse shoes, a kick ball tournament, tetherball, soccer, and croquet. It was so much fun, but like life time went by much to quickly. Everytime someone came up to me, I said, "Don't tell me it's time for you to leave!" I love having a houseful of friends and family! Thank you to all who came and all who contributed to this special day.

Apparently my sentiment to friends is hereditary. The day after the party I asked our youngest if she had a good time. Her reply was, "NO! I didn't have fun at all!" She played all day long and everytime I saw her she was carrying dolls around with her friends or playing some sort of game. So I was completely unsure why she had such a miserable time. So I asked, "What do you mean you didn't have any fun? I saw you playing all day." She quickly responded, "It was NO fun because I wanted my friends to stay 100 days." I guess she was feeling the same let down I felt when the party was over.

I was just reminded how I need to make a concerted effort to have friends and family over for the backyard bbq's that are so important in relationship building and maintenance. Hopefully this summer will be filled with bbq's and games on the lawn.

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