Monday, June 19, 2006

"When I was..." Our Littlest Tells of Her Life

Our littlest one is a great story teller! I love to listen to her tell a story of life as she knows it. Her stories usually begin with something like.... "When I was a baby girl in China..." or "When I was a baby and I had lots of bottles..."

Well let's point out, she was never a baby girl in China and she never had a bottle. It's so funny to listen to all the stories she comes up with. I don't even know where they come from.

I feel like I should be carrying a video camera around so I can capture these stories while she's telling them. Her verbal skills are amazing as is her memory.

I think she's taking the real life experiences of people we know and incorporating them into her life. We do know a family who adopted a little girl from China and her cousin does have a bottle. Wherever she's getting the stories they are enjoyable.

A real life event is that she began "manastics" (that would be gymnastics to you and me). She is an amazing little gymnast and listens wonderfully. She has mastered the "Crown Finish." Her teacher was amazed at how well she listens, especially with the crown finish both before and after the moves. She loves her class and even volunteers to take a nap prior to gymnastics so she is rested for the class. Amazing!

She has now mentioned that she would like to be a pink ballerina. I guess ballet is in our future. I'm sure we'll be doing all sorts of fun activities. Our little one has big plans!

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