Monday, June 19, 2006

Little entrepreneurs

Today the kids worked so hard manning their roadside juice and vegetable stand. We have a surplus of lettuces, cilantro, radishes, and bok choy. The kids eagerly set out their table and had their signs ready for every passing car. They sold juice and lettuces and then started selling radishes and bok choy. They worked so hard and never let rejection get them down. They are awesome sales people. I was so proud of them as they marketed their vegetables and refreshments.

At the end of the day they had over $20.00 in sales. WOW!!! Great for these little entrepreneurs. They were so happy and learned a lot about counting money. They plan to give 10% to their charity of choice. The rest they can spend or save. It's interesting seeing the different personalities of the kids as they are evaluating whether or not they will "spend" or "save."

They are eager to do this job again!

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