Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Not About the Money

The Bug.

I was so excited to have two parties interested in the little green bug, but I didn't realize how hard making a decision between the two was going to be.  Many people would suggest to go with the highest offer price, but I soon found that didn't sit well with me.

Both interested parties were teenage girls. Girl #1, was my first caller.  She is 18 years old and in the process of getting her driver's license.  She's heading off to college in the fall and is currently employed as a Disney Princess.  Girl #2 is also about 18.  She lost her previous car to an unexpected engine fire.  In the fire she lost her purse, iPhone and other personal belongings so dear to a teenage girl.  Her family does foster care.  You know how I love that!

Both families were incredibly sweet and kind.  Both girls were adorable.  I wish I had a car for each of them, but sadly, I have only one car, so I needed to make a decision.

Girl #1 has diligently saved and saved in hopes of one day owning her own car.  She is a theater major and worked at the American Girl store acting in plays for customers.  Last night #1 Dad told me they could only offer me $$ and up to $$$, because they have to consider the cost of registering my out-of-state vehicle in CA.

Girl #2's mom is so sweet, kind, compassionate, and caring! Again considering the cost of registering the car, they offered me $$$ + $200 more than Girl #1.

I kind of felt like Girl #1 was supposed to have the car, but Girl #2 was offering at least $200 more than the highest number that Girl #1 offered.

Oh, What to do?

With the upcoming move every dollar is important, but my heart leaned toward Girl #1.

As of last night, Girl #1's dad thought they were out.  He sent me the most encouraging text following our conversation.  He said, "If they offer you $$$, then you've got to go with it!  That's great!  We understand."

He called his daughter and broke the news to her.

Last night I called Girl #2's family and said I'd go with their offer.

Then I tried to go to bed.

Couldn't fall asleep.

My heart was not at peace.

I tossed and turned.

And prayed.

When I awoke this morning I texted my hub and explained how I still wasn't at peace.

I prayed again.

Despite the $200 loss, I really feel in my heart that Girl #1 was supposed to have the car.

I feel a bit like this is an adoption process and I'm trying to pick the new parents for my little bugger.  Who knew it'd be so stressful?

I texted Dad of Girl #1 and asked if he'd be willing to go to his highest offer, which was still $200 less than Girl #2.

He texted back, "Yes."

Now I had to call Girl #2's parents.  I know this sounds like high DRAMA, and I guess it was to me.  This call felt like a break-up.

"I'm so sorry!  It's just not going to work out.  You guys are fabulous, but my heart's not at peace."
"It me, not you," kind of break up.

Girl #2 mom was so sweet.  She said they understood.  These are all GREAT people! Wish we could have known each other a bit more.

I'm sure there are those out there rolling the eyes...UGH!  D-R-A-M-A!  It's just a car for goodness sakes!

Yes, true, but it's my little green bugger.

So today I had a meeting with Girl #1.  She pulled up with her dad and walked up to me and gave me a hug. She then proceeded to walk over to the bug and give her a hug.

This feels like the right girl for the bug.  My heart is at peace.

Here she is with the bug...

And here she is as Snow White and Cinderella...

Girl #1 will love this little Green Sweetpea as much as I have.  Soon it will be hers.

I just had a friend tell me how God honors this type of obedience.  Just having a sense of peace is perfect.  I Couldn't Ask For More.

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tracy said...

I just love your heart!