Thursday, October 07, 2010

Injured List

Tonight, I'm laying on a hotel bed, foot elevated on ice, hoping the swelling and bruising on my right calf and ankle will diminish and I'll be able to walk with a regular gait soon. 
Last week, on Friday evening,  my 3rd soccer game was just beginning. I went to pass the ball and felt an excruciating pop in my calf and was unable to even walk off the field.  A couple guys carried me off and I sat with leg propped and iced.  The following day I learned I strained my gastrocnemius muscle (calf). 
Monday we flew out for a family vacation to Washington D.C.  The first couple days here I tried to use the crutches I was given, but the strain on my arms was exhausting.  So, I gave up the crutches and have become a hobbling tourist.
Despite the injury, we're having a GREAT time!  We've been to the Smithsonian Museums of American History and Natural History, the Lincoln Memorial, The Reflecting Pond, The Korean Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Holocaust Memorial Museum, The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, The Whitehouse, Lafayette Park, and enjoyed a picnic on the grass at the National Mall. 
Tomorrow we move onto Virginia.  More excitement awaits!

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