Monday, April 26, 2010

Love the Little League

We're knee deep in Little League at our house. The boys are both playing this spring. Their practices are usually on different days, two days a week and they play one or two games each week. So, needless to say, most of our weekday evenings and weekends are filled with Little League.

Before each game the teams line up, do the flag salute and recite the Little League pledge. I usually miss those first few minutes and can't decipher what they're saying when I'm there.

But today in the car the boys recited it for me and I can now say I LOVE LITTLE LEAGUE!!

The pledge is awesome and I'm so proud there's an organization that has kids memorize and say it along with the flag salute!!

I trust in God
I love my country
I'll respect its laws
I'll play fair
I'll strive to win,
but win or lose
I'll always do my best

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