Monday, December 28, 2009


The kids like to dress him up. This is Luke in his special Volcom hat.
Just over two years ago a VERY special little cat walked into our lives.

At the time we lived out in the country where coyotes roam at night and cats live a life of risk and/or adventure if they stay out past dark. We had a precious orange tabby cat who was an indoor cat. But late in his life he decided he wanted to hunt for bugs and hang out on the deck. One day a terrible storm came rolling through and that was the last we saw of our orange tabby named Louis.

I combed the shelters put out ads, but no one had heard nor seen our 11+ year old tabby.

After about 2 weeks from his disappearance, I was startled by a skinny, malnourished orange tabby who peered at me through our kitchen window. Being the animal lover that I am I opened the back sliding door and in ran the fur covered bag of bones. He was so skinny and pitiful.

We still had Louis's food and water out in hopes that he would return. This vagrant cat speedily ran to the food and began devouring it.

The kids thought this cat was Louis, but I knew better. I was confident that this kitty was a gift from God. I so missed my orange tabby and since I don't believe in coincidence, the fact that an semi-identical orange tabby showed up at our doorstep, in the middle of country fields, just reminded me that God was looking out for us and this little kitty.

After a trip to the vet we learned that this guy, we now call Luke, was about 3-4 years old.

I put out ads and alerted local veterinary offices in case someone was looking for him, but never received a response.

Now this guy has been with us for just over 2 years. He's left the life of skinny, wandering cat. He's the most friendly cat I've ever met. Our neighbors love him. He's gone from wide-open spaces to the life in the O.C.

This morning as I was holding him I thought back on his last two years. What a change! He was found by a family who would love him. And I think he's got quite the life!

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