Monday, September 14, 2009

Sports Week

This past week we were blessed to attend to Major League sporting events. We watched The Anaheim Angels beat the Mariners and then later in the week watched the L.A. Galaxy lose to FC Dallas.
Going to see the Galaxy was a huge event for our family. Being the soccer fans that they are, having the opportunity to see Beckham play was top of their "things to do" list. I was amazed how he can even concentrate with all the screaming attention he receives. Maybe it's just part of life and somehow he's able to drown it out.
What am I able to drown out by my life's distractions? Am I drowning out the right things? Drown out the call of the computer so I can play with the kids. Drown out the call of the busyness so I can enjoy some quiet moments cuddling or reading as a family. Drown out the television so I can hear God when he's speaking. Drown out the radio so I can listen to the thoughts of the kids while we're driving. Drown out the negativity of the news and focus on that which is noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. Am I missing out on special moments with my husband, or kids because I'm choosing to drown out the wrong thing. Anything that takes away from God, family, special friendships, peace of mind, etc. drown it out. Be like Beckham in the game...focus on what is important and why we're here.

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