Saturday, July 26, 2008

This Little Pig Went to Market

The kids and I recently went to a local park that is also the home to many farm animals. The kids love to look at the animals and sometimes they even have "baby" animals which are especially precious to look at.
I took photos of the piggies, because they are irresistable! So cute!
While looking at these photos I was reminded of a childhood treat. In our family pickled pig's feet were a favorite. We didn't get them very often, but we would often receive a jar of them in our Christmas stockings (Just typing that makes it seem like such a strange thing!!- but we are a different type of folk). My brothers and I would fight over who got more, etc.
Then one year I went to a local fair and there was a mama pig there with her pee wee piggies surrounding her. I looked at those little cuties and that was it! I couldn't eat another pig's foot again. I even tried, but couldn't do it.
My family is shocked by my departure from pig's feet world, but they just don't sound good anymore.
I still eat pork and just about every other type of meat and we still eat "different" food, but no more piggie toes for me.

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