Thursday, July 27, 2006

Deer Report: Garden Discovery

The garden has been great this summer! We've had lots of peas, lettuce, beets, radishes, raspberries and more. I can't seem to harvest the food quick enough. I'm sad to say some things go to seed before we can eat or give them away.

The word among the animal kingdom spread that we had a bumper crop and couldn't keep up with it. The vegetables were going to waste and the animals weren't going to have it. I think the mice told the birds, who told the rabbits, who then blabbed to the deer that there was an abundance and the getting was good.

The cherry trees were the first to go. One morning I woke up and went out to the garden and there were no longer leaves on the cherry trees. It seemed that the birds, and possibly the coyotes, ate the cherries and then called in the deer to finish the job. It was serious!

We then had company over who wanted to see the garden and much to our surprise we were greeted with beet and strawberry stems. I guess the leafy greens were a big hit! A vegetarian feast!

I've always said I'd plant enough to keep everyone happy, but I wasn't expecting this. I guess netting is our next project...

On the project side: Yesterday we had limestone delivered to finish the pathways throughout the garden and then we'll spread the excess bark. The weeding is never finished, but it's keeps me quiet so I can learn some life lessons.

I've hired a young man to do some weeding for me. While we're out in the garden he tells me that when he gets to heaven he's going to ask God why He made weeds. I tell him that God talks to me while I'm in the garden and if he's really quiet God might just answer his question.

To be quiet... could that could possibly be one of the the reasons for weeds. Our weeds of life need to be dealt with and pulled out so the good can grow. And during the time of pulling the weeds, if we're quiet, we can learn so many other secrets of life.

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