Thursday, March 08, 2012

Reducing Stress

A couple days ago, after running errands, I sat at a red light on a routinely traveled road, making a mental list of the many things I still needed to do in preparation for a get-together at our house.  In addition, to this mental planning, I'm sure my brain was also cataloging "to do" lists for the coming weeks and months.

To my left, the green light allowed the turn lane to proceed.  When the car next to me accelerated to begin turning, without looking up at my light, I started to go also.  I was just going with the flow and in California if you don't jump when your light turns green, the car behind you will immediately begin honking.  It wasn't until I was in the middle of the intersection with cars honking at me that I realized I just gone through a red light.  I was obviously past the point of no return, so I proceeded through the light!


Those close to me know I'm one of the BIGGEST rule followers of them all!  If there's a sign that says, "Don't do it!"  I won't do it.  I actually pains me to think of breaking the rules.

So as I left the red light and looked in my rearview mirror at the cars still sitting there, I couldn't believe what just happened.  I also was checking as I was sure the flashing red lights would soon pull me over for my infraction.

I went the next couple blocks home waiting to be pulled over, but it didn't happen. I honestly couldn't believe it.  If anyone is going to get caught, it would be me.

My mom tells stories of how she'd pray we'd get caught when we did something wrong.  Her prayers have been answered.  (Most recently we were pulled over on our bikes because we were riding the wrong direction...sheesh!).

As I pulled into the driveway from my red light run, I thought, "I have WAY too much going on in my head.  It's distracting me."

Then a couple days later, as I was checking email a crazy thing happened.  As I was reading, my vision started getting wonky.  I described it to the kids that it seemed I was looking through a kaleidoscope with shooting lightning bolts crossing in front of me.

I tried researching "kaleidoscope vision" on the internet, but staring at the computer made it worse.

The following day I made an appointment for the doctor.

My regular doctor was off, so I saw a 16-year old doctor who had yet to begin shaving.  I guess this is a sign of age when the professionals look like they're not old enough to have driver's licenses.  After quick examination he gave me the look like "Oh momma, it's just a little anxiety."  I hate it when they say that!

He then asked the "stress" question.

Hate it when they do that too.

Doogie Howser, where do I begin?

Anyway, after blood work and a trip to the opthamologist I found out I'm healthy, but had just had an ocular migraine, probably a result from stress.

These days, stress is just a part of life.  It's important to do those things that help relieve it.

For me, finding time to bake, cook, blog, workout, spend time with friends and enjoy the outdoors all help reduce the stress of life.  But lately, I've put some of the things I love to do on hold because of other commitments.  As a result, the stress thermometer rises and the result this month was the ocular migraine.

If you're under the blanket of life stresses, do something you love today!  Your body and mind will thank you!

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