Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Job for Momma

I have a friend who is an ebay queen. She's sold thousands of items, is a single mom and supports her family. Needless to say, she's amazing!!!

We met recently while she was in town for her son's baseball tournament. We figured we hadn't seen each other in about six (much overdue) years. But, while talking, introducing the kids and walking down memory lane we realized we've known each other for about 17 years!! Wow time flies!!

Back in the day, she moved back to her hometown to help her grandma out with her antique business. I was a newlywed, unemployed, and had just started a side crafting/floral business to supplement the substitue teaching. Married in 1992 I had resigned from my full-time teaching position after getting married and moved to a new town.

When looking for businesses to display my creations, I came across Lynn's grandma's antique store. Lynn was enthusiastic, encouraging and welcomed my wares. She's got a great business mind and to be quite honest, I think she's got a HUGE heart and wanted to help out a big-brown-eyed newlywed.

Thus began our friendship. A few months later we purchased our first home and Lynn's mom was our mortgage lender. A month or so after that I took a flying leap into the real estate business and soon became Lynn's Realtor. And that's how it all began.

I can confidently say, thinking back on the MANY clients I had over 11 years of selling real estate, Lynn was probably one of the most loyal and encouraging.

About 10 years ago, when ebay was just getting started, Lynn, having the great business mind that she does, expanded her grandma's business to the international world of ebay. She was able to sell so many of her grandma's antiques for a greater profit through ebay. I remember her repeatedly telling me I should sell on ebay. Over the years, I've sold many things, but just a couple here and there.

Fast forward to the present...Lynn and I met a couple weeks ago and just being around her is so encouraging. Her enthusiasm for ebay is infectious! I've been trying to think of ways to make a couple $$ to help buy some extras, pay for field trips, or treat myself to a new outfit now and then and the ebay thing seems to be the vehicle with which I can do it. And I can do it from home around our schedule.

So...I've opened an ebay store and am focusing on books (what I know) and/or cds. I may put on a few other things now and then, but books are easy to store and easy to ship.

Wish me blessing on this venture. The kids and I are trying to save for a trip to the east coast to culminate our year-long study of Colonial Life and I'd like to take them to Washington DC. I've never been and they're eager to see our country's capitol.

So, here's to Ebay!!

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