Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love a Great Quote

I love a great quote especially when it arrives at the perfect time. Today I was greeted by a series of great quotes that have blessed me and have ministered to me just where I'm at.
In Praying the Names of Jesus, Ann Spangler writes, "Belonging to Jesus does not make us immune to tragedy. But basing our lives on him through faith will enable us to stand rather than collapse in the face of unbearable pressure. Our standing will have nothing to do with luck but everything to do with where we are standing--on the cornerstone (Akrogoniaios Lithos), tested and true.
The other great quote of the morning was from an article in Homeschooling Today. The article was titled, "The Timothy Mandate" by Rachel Starr Thomson. She writes, "We all have expectations placed on our lives- by others and ourselves. In many ways, they control what we do. The Timothy Mandate calls us to live for God first, without reference to what others expect of us. God's call is for each of us to step up and be counted, to live the Christian life to its limits no matter what everyone else is doing."
"God's mightiest servants throughout history have been those who learned to live for God alone. People's expectations may have burdened them, challenged them, or hurt them, but they did not dictate them."

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