Monday, August 11, 2008

How about Team USA!!

I hope you all had a chance to see the Mens' 4 X 100 Freestyle Relay!! It was AWESOME!!! The Frenchies had boasted that they were going to "Smash" the US team but... Au Contraire Mon Frere!! It was so exciting!! The US Men's team beat Team France and they were speechless! Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!!
As a result of all this along with the other swimming events, Michael Phelps has become quite the Phabuloso at our home!
Our brown eyed guy has talked Michael Phelps all day! He's been to the pool many times trying out his Michael Phelps moves. Michael Phelps does this and Michael Phelps does that. It reminds me of my inspiration I got from Amy VanDyken a few years ago. After watching the Olympics I started swimming with the local Master's team at 5:00am. I wish I could say it was long lasting, but not being a morning person made those early morning work outs too brutal!
But the hero Phelps lives on! The boys enthusiastically watched Phelps in the 200 today and reported his win! I'll watch it again tonight. Who knows, maybe we'll get a swimmer after all.

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