Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Piano Recital

Piano Recitals. What can one say about piano recitals. I LOVE hearing my precious playing. I love watching them walk on the stage, sit down and play their piece whether it be "Old MacDonald," "Star Wars," or the theme from Hercules. It is all music to my ears. I love being the proud parent holding the video camera and just beaming, "Yes, that's my little pumpkin up there." So wonderful!!
Last night the boys had a piano recital. Our middle son just started playing about 2 months ago, so I was a bit nervous for him to go on the stage thinking he might be nervous. He was the first one to go since he was the youngest (6) and the newest to lessons. He did a magnificent job! Can I say "magnificent" for a 6 year old with 2 months of lessons under his belt? Well, I thought he was magnificent. He walked up to the stage took a seat, played his 2 pieces and walked back down. He meant business. Serious business!
Our oldest played 3 songs. He's come a long way adding chords to his music, and has recently started making up his own songs. It's exciting to see him getting more and more comfortable at the piano and actually experimenting. He did a Stupendous job at the recital! (Gotta like those adjectives).
And our precious little princess...well she's not quite recital audience material. She kept getting up, going from the front row, back to our row, checking on the program, etc. It really is hard to sit through 1 1/2 hours of piano when you're barely 5. Luckily there were cookies afterward as a reward for the patient. She loaded her napkin with 3 cookies and marched out of the auditiorium. It was a good night!

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