Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Family Hike/Slug Fest

We escaped for a little hike/walk on a local trail. We find that unless we actually get "away" from the house we don't do a very good job relaxing. We tend to see all that needs to be done and will work from sunrise to sunset (sometimes even after sunset). The jobs at home are endless so we try to get out for walks, bike rides, etc. The kids are getting old enough now to walk or hike a little way (with exception of the little one- but we're working on it).
There are so MANY beautiful trails and parks locally! We need to make time to enjoy them. On this particular day it had just rained so the SLUGS were out in full force. We saw many different varieties. In addition to slugs our trail had sights of the lake, waterfalls, forests, and yummy berries to eat.

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