Sunday, March 25, 2007

Learning Fair- Ben Franklin & Soccer

Ben Franklin

This year for our co-op's Learning Fair the boys each chose a topic that was of interest to them. Our middle son chose to learn about Benjamin Franklin and our oldest researched the history of soccer.

Did you know that daylight savings time was Ben's idea? How about libraries, hospitals, sanitation companies, fire departments, and oh so much more! How about that he was one of 17 children. Actually he was number 15. What if his parents said we already have 14 children!! No more. Boy what we would have missed out on. His inventions were amazing! We learned so much and I'm thankful our little precious came home one day after studying Benjamin Franklin at Co-op and said, "Mom did you know lightning and electricity... SAME THING! SAME THING!" That led us on our journey to learn more. Wonderful!

Our oldest followed up his last year's research, The History of Skateboarding, with the History of Soccer. Any guess what activities interest him? We learned a lot about soccer. Did you know it's estimated to have been around since Roman times. And that football and rugby are both spin-offs from the original game of soccer? How about the fact that soccer is the MOST popular sport in the World?? Cool! We learned about field positions, skills, and so much more.

The Historians

I think I end up learning more than I ever dreamt I'd know. I'm thankful for these opportunities to fill in the gaps where maybe I missed something the first time around.

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